i took this idea from + i'm going to use the exact questions:
(hope that's okay)

eye color:
↳ my eyes are dark brown in dark lighting. in bright light my eyes become honey brown.

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hair color:
↳ i have brown hair with a few red strands that appear every now and then.

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↳ essentially i am in between 4'11" and 5'0".

↳ my parents say i'm a good singer but i don't believe that.

↳ i write poetry (sometimes), designing clothes, drawing and painting, reading, language learning, and fangirling.

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↳ i have two sisters. i am the middle child.

↳ i have one doggie and his name is kiwy.

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dream job:
↳ this is gonna seem boring but i want to be a mother.

↳ i would like to but at this time i can not.

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[least] favorite subject:
↳ i hate math and science. my favorite is art and history.

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↳ there's just to many to count so if you wanna know message me.

pet peeves:
↳ fake friends, liars, abusers, stuck up [rich] people, judgey and egotistical vegans and vegetarians.

zodiac sign/birthday:
↳ gemini. may 25th

gemini, zodiac, and sign image stars, overlay, and constellation image

↳ panromantic asexual. i'm okay with whatever pronouns.

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(i cannot pinpoint just one cause i love them all)

↳actor(s): jang geun suk, kim soo hyun, skeet ulrich, franco brothers, river phoneix, heath ledger, johnathan brandies, robert pattinson, james mcavory.

↳actresses: park shin hye, emma watson, shailene woodley, kristan stewart.

↳characters: spongebob, any sanrio character, any san-x character.

↳singer: demi lovato

↳youtuber: dan and phil, cherry wallis, cloe brenna, david dobrik, heyitsfei, jbunzie, linzor, markiplier, shane dawson, siena mirabella, theodd1sout, jacksepticeye.

Image by Jarbas Jacare