Hey there, beautiful people! I saw this challenge somewhere a little while ago and thought it was amazing, but I don't remember where I saw it. Anyway, this is me if I was a character.

  • Name

Probably Devon or Valerie

  • Super Curly Hair
hair, nigga, and street image Temporarily removed girl, hair, and city image hair, curly, and hairstyle image

That 80's super curly hair makes me go crazy, I want a hair like this so much

  • David Bowie's Fan
blue, bowie, and girl image style, boy, and girl image girl, bowie, and david bowie image Temporarily removed
  • Live in London
london, city, and travel image Temporarily removed harrods, london, and shopping image pastel, indie, and city image
  • Vintage Style
dress, girl, and dance image Temporarily removed Image removed Image removed
  • What I would love
apartment, art, and beach image aesthetic, books, and colors image Abusive image Temporarily removed sunglasses, fashion, and summer image harry potter, james potter, and sirius black image

1. music
2. books
3. weed
4. favorite color: red
5. sunglasses
6. harry potter fan

  • Would be the singer in a band
guitar, converse, and music image marina and the diamonds, marina, and singer image guitar, music, and photography image sky ferreira, black and white, and grunge image
  • Personality
girl, quotes, and feminism image Temporarily removed aesthetic, cigarette, and girl image fashion and girl image Temporarily removed Image removed

feminist - positive - very sexual - artsy - active - self loving - sees beauty in everything

  • Has like a thousands cats and dogs
Temporarily removed dog, puppy, and cute image puppy, aesthetic, and dog image cat, animal, and kitten image

shiba inu and grey cats

  • Quotes she lives by
quotes and happiness image quotes, van gogh, and passion image neon, pink, and quotes image quotes, mine, and book image


quotes and beautiful texts
aesthetic themes
personal aesthetics
my articles

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