i miss you
and it hasn't even been that long,
i can't escape
the inexplicable empty feeling
that i have without you.

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i miss you
and it's okay
but it's so hard to see you sad,
it breaks my heart,
but when you're happy without me,
it breaks my heart again.

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i miss you
and you still love me
but you hurt so badly
and you've already mourned the loss
of what we had;
there's no hope to continue.

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i miss you;
i constantly wonder
what it could've been like
if maybe we'd tried harder
or if we'd talked more,
i'll conjure up anything to make us work
because i miss you.

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i'm basically a sad mess, i mean this poem is pretty much everything i wish i could say to my ex, but i guess that's over.
keep your chin up
stay cute x

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