I know I'm late with this post because the season of Spring came on Tuesday March 20th, 2018. The months of March, April, and May consist of spring.

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I love all the four seasons but my favorite two has to be the seasons of Spring and Summer but SPRING the most. Spring is my favorite season ever because my birthday is in Spring and within the month of May and I just love seeing flowers blooming. Although it rains a lot in Spring I know that at the end of the day that "April Showers bring May Flowers." Also, most of the time after rainy days there comes a rainbow which is so magical and beautiful to me.

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I also love that within Spring that there's not only rainy days but lots of sunshine and I absolutely love spring fashion. Love the dresses, shorts, flats, and hanging out with friends. Just living in the moment with the ones you love as well as yourself!

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Enjoy the nice weather!
Live, Laugh, Love :D <3 :)