Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying your weekend.
In the sequence of the 30DWC, here's day number 2!

Day 2: Make a list of five things that make you happy.

Listening to music

It's a very simple thing that everyone does, but listening to empowering music makes me very happy and confident about myself.

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Scrolling Through WHI

Somedays when I'm feeling down I really like to read some articles or read some quotes that really lift my mood up. WHI is filled with many positive people that can make you feel the same way.

Watching Things that Make me Laugh

Watching things like funny tv shows, movies or even vine compilations brighten up my day instantly.

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Thinking About the Future

When I'm feeling down about something I try to imagine my future life, how everything will turn out, and how this little problem I'm facing at the moment isn't going to be important at all so I should just move on.

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Hanging Out with my Friends

Lastly, something that makes me happy is spending time with my friends. I always have a good time around them.

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that's all for now... thanks for reading

Love, Bia