its been a while so I thought I would come back with an article that I have wanted to do for a long ass time! enjoy!

losing friends is something we all go through and will continue to go through for the rest of our lives, because as people we are always growing and evolving, however this does not make losing friends any easier. heres my tips on coping with losing friends!

remember looking back at memories is okay:

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just because you aren't friends with someone, doesn't mean you can look back at memories and smile. if you have a memory where you are happy and someone within that memory is no longer in your life, its still okay to think of it as a good memory, just don't dwell on memories. theres plenty of time to make new ones.

learn to be happy even when you are alone:

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a common misconception is that you cant have fun or be happy when you are alone, which is absolutely not true, you can experience some of the most moving experiences in life alone and that's okay. don't depend on others for your happiness.

talk to new people:

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you can make some of the best friends in the weirdest places. you don't just have to be friends with people in real life either. internet friends are fantastic. don't be afraid to look beyond whats in front of you.

find peace in the past friendship:

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reflect on the friendship. remember that its not anyones fault. life is gonna have obstacles and we are gonna lose people, but the things we go through shape us as people.

hopefully this helped you! feel free to message me! share this with someone who needs it!

much love,