Labels. Our society is full of labels, they want to put us all in a box and if we don't belong to any or we belong to many, we are considered outcasts. But let me tell you something, we are not meant to be put in a box because every single one of us is somehow different from the other, we are unique and the only label we should be given is our name. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that: when we meet someone we tend to put them into a box, whether we realize it or not. We should stop doing that because there is so much more to a person than a stupid label. Most times we use excuses to justify our actions, like "everyone does it" or "society is forcing us to do it", but aren't we all part of society? Every single one of us is what builds up society, so we can change things, but maybe we don't want to, maybe we are too scared.

this is something I just randomly wrote and I randomly posted right away. I just wanted to thank you for the support you've been giving me in the other articles.