So... I'm a STARLIGHT. And i love my boys so here we go (and i'm bored again)
And i have this weird humor, it's not meant to offend VIXX or anyone else so please don't get mad

Cha Hakyeon / N

n and vixx image Temporarily removed humor, k-pop, and memes image humor, memes, and Risa image

- Leader
- A violent mom
- Chabooty
- Takes care of all the members and starlights
- Main dancer for a reason
- Dangerous on stage, a cutie in real life

Jung Taekwon / Leo
(my bias but idk what a bias is anymore with this group)

jung, kpop, and Leo image Leo, vixx, and taekwoon image kpop, Leo, and Lmfaoo image Temporarily removed

- Used to be very quiet but now he smiles and loves the camera
- I'm proud of him for that
- Main vocal
- Silly af but we love him anyways
- Scared of bugs
- Latte fairy

Lee Jaehwan / Ken

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- Main vocal bc his vocals are pure gold
- screams a lot
- I though he was part of maknae line for such a long time and was surprised when i found out he wasn't
- VIXX's sunshine
- He does, we don't question
- I love him

Kim Wonshik / Ravi

kpop, ravi, and vixx image ken, Leo, and n image kpop, meme, and ravi image kpop image

- Main rapper, also has solo albums
- ken fan number 1
- His laugh is everything
- Has a dog called Butt
- Writes most of VIXX's lyrics, kinky af but we still love the songs and him
- Looks rude and swaggy but is actually a soft cute boy

Lee HongBin

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- A bean (Kong)
- Visual of the group but SO MUCH MORE
- Needs more lines
- Memebin
- Used to have long hair in the debut and i honestly want that back
- Will judge you

Hang SangHyuk / Hyuk

green, kpop, and sexy image Image removed kpop, meme, and vixx image vixx, sanghyuk, and hyuk image

- Little Satan
- Leo is a constant victim of his violence
- a baby but also a daddy?
- King of covers
- Needs more lines too
- Getting revenge bc hyungs left him at the gass station when he was only a child

VIXX as a group:

vixx, ken, and Leo image ken, Leo, and n image Image removed ken, Leo, and n image

- That one kinky group
- Concept kings
- They don't try to hide that they ain't a perfect group, they fight and they say it bc that brings them closer
- Feel embarrassed of their debut but i love it
- Have friendship rings since before debut
- Everyone has special relationship with all of the members and they're amazing friends
- No visual hole
- 5 year old children, all of them

So.. That's it i guess

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ken, Leo, and n image
ken, Leo, and n image
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ken, n, and vixx image
k-pop, kpop, and n image
ken, Leo, and n image
ken, Leo, and n image
ken, Leo, and n image