My 21st Birthday is May 18th.

starbucks, store, and credit image starbucks, tumblr, and cards image
01. Starbucks Gift Cards
photo, lilac, and violet image pink and Harry Styles image
02. Concert Tickets I love seeing any and every artist (multiple times), so feel free to buy me concert tickets to see just about any artist on tour right now. like Harry styles ♡
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03. Clothes Especially from stores like charlotte russe,urban outfitters or forever21.
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04. Lush
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05. New Bedding Totally obsessed with blankets and things that match.
Image by Celina Fate ♥
06. Alcohol tower
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07. Fashion Crown Ring
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08. $$$$$$$$$
strawberry, food, and chocolate image strawberry, chocolate, and food image
09. chocolate covered strawberries
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010. Flamingo Mug
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011. Tattoo ☀
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012. Candles
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013. throw pillows for a new apartment
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014. Food lol I'll take food any day
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15. cupcakes