Hello! My name is Kelly and welcome to another one of my articles. Today I'll be doing the 'how I see myself as a fictional character' tag. This is where I answer a series of questions on what I think I will be like if I got to create a fictional character based on me.

I believe this tag was created by @Whatsyourpurpose and I was tagged by Trish ( @_vellchor_ ).

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1 | name :

My fictional character's name would be called 'Luna'. If you've read my 'get to know me letter by letter' article then you will know why i love that name so much. Here's a simplified version of what i wrote : "Luna means the moon and i don't know why but I love shape and existence of the moon. There's something about it that makes it beautiful and "magical" which makes me happy. Cliché I know."
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2 | physique :

I would keep my long black hair but make the character have it loosely curled like natural beach waves.
For the eye colour I think having light blue eyes that would remind you of the ocean will look so cool with black hair.
My character's height would be tall and skinny (but not as skinny as me so they don't need to be called out for it all the time).
I really want 2/3 ear piercings so my character would have her firsts and seconds done and her helix done too.
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3 | style :

I would describe my style as trendy but comfy so I want my fictional character to reflect the same vibe. She would have a very trendy style but not that glamorous. Some luxury pieces would be included in the outfits but the pieces of clothing will mostly be ripped denim, leggings and golden jewellery.
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4 | personality :

Leader, badass, intelligent, sarcastic, kind, caring, passionate, slightly stubborn but in a good way, competitive, honest, inspirational etc.
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5 | likes :

Photography, modelling, socialising, family, friends, vintage, fashion, food, music, designing and sports (basketball,volleyball and athletics).
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6 | lives :

Somewhere warm, next to the beach (I can't imagine living somewhere without a coastline / beach). Or in a lovely fictional world.
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7 | quotes :

Any inspirational and positive.
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