Here you will discover Republic of Moldova

Where is it situated?

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It is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe,bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south.Republic of Moldova has 29,683 km2.The population is 2,998,235.

How does our flag look like?

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How are the people here?

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The Moldavians are hospitable,kind,hardworking,talented people. We like to spend time at the table,eating,talking and laughing. Moreover we like music and dancing. We are optimistic people.

What's our widest spread religion?

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It's christianity. We have many beautifully constructed churches and monasteries where we pray.

What music and dances do we have?

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We have our national collective dance named "hora". We have a well-known singer Carla's Dreams,his most popular song is "Sub pielea mea" (underneath my skin). A musical group of ours "Sunstroke Project" won in 2017 third place at Eurovision,and Zdob si Zdup in 2005 won the sixth place.

What handmade things do we create?

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Our national shirt is white with astonishing sewed symbols,moreover it's made from a specific plant: flax. We have many people with crafting talents and that's why we create a diversity of things like:rugs,bed sheetings,different wooden statuettes,crocery objects and different eating tools.

What do we eat?

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On the first photo you can see our specific "placinte" which we make with meat,branza and parsley (a product made from sheep milk),sour marinated cabbage or mashed potatoes. On the next photo their is our specific "mamaliga" which is made out of corn flour which we preffer eating which branza and sour cream.

Also we love eating fruits and veggies,because we have lots of them here : watermelons, strawberries,apples,appricots,blueberries,cherries,cucumbers,beans,beets,eggplants...

What's our signature drink?

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On the first photo there are wines made by Purcari and on the second there is one of the Cricova's Underground Wine Cellars.

Here you can find some information about our wine cellars:
Moreover, we have 50 local wine producers and lots of medals in international contests.

What traditions do we have?

On a christian holiday named Saint Andrew which is celebrated on 13th of december,boys steal girls' gates to get their attention because she on the next morning needs to go searching for whom stole her gate. Also,on that day girls do some "magic",they put their mirror and comb under their pillow while sleeping to dream their future man. On Christmas (7th of January) we sing carrols to others about the birth of Jesus and that's how we spread the "good news" as how it was done years ago. Moreover,usually we go singing with our handmade instruments which have a specific sound.

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What places should you visit?

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You shoud visit at least: "Orheiul Vechi" (a natural fortress), Soroca fortress,Chisinau (our capital),our villages,especially Domulgeni village situated in Floresti district.We have lots of picturesque places and you have from where to choose from.

See you in Moldova! ❤️