when you look at me
tell me what you see
do you see the tears
behind the smile
do you see the blood
underneath the sleeves?

you'd see if you looked
and you'd look if you cared
at the sweat on my palms
whenever I have to talk
at the way my hands shake
whenever you call on me

do you see anything
that's inside my head
do you see the constant war
that leaves me
so weak?

or do you only see
what you want to see
when you tell yourself
it's fine
and not to look into it?

when you look at me,
tell me what you see
do you see how close I am to dead
how the light's drained from my eyes
do you see my late night thoughts
spiraling around my head
oh, so fast
do you see a girl called insane,
or do you just see the shell?