day 9; post some words of wisdom that speaks to you

well, this one isn't going to be just quotes bc it's really rare for words to touch me unless they're song lyrics lmao so i'm going to post both quotes ad song lyrics.


"Things change and people leave but life, life goes on."


"It's amazing how easily people judge you, It's horrible how much they think their words don't hurt. Words will hurt more than any hit or punch because unless they leave a scar, they're gone in a few weeks. But words...they stay forever."
-Wattpad book i wish i could remember.


"pay no mind to those that look to bring you down. and NEVER apologize for being you."
-Dan Reynolds


"Some people had to be treated like shit before they realized that they needed you."
-Another wattpad book i don't remember.


"Don't take people for granted. No matter how much they love you, people get tired eventually."


"I'd swallow you whole. But some deeply psychotic part of me, would rip my own self to shreds in order to save your innocent soul from the darkness that possesses my being."
-Yup, another wattpad book i struggle to remember.


"Love yourself to death."
-I'm so sorry//imagine dragons.
"The stars are blazing like rebel diamonds cut out off the sun when you read my mind."
-Read my mind//the killers.


"I wanna be on tvs and in magazines, drive up to beaches in limousines."
-Soul trippin'//swim deep.


"Why would you wanna play someone else? i love you best when you're just yourself."
-Since we're alone//niall horan.


"Am i just a shadow you drew?"
-It comes back to you//imagine dragons.


"i'm bursting like the fourth of july so colour me and blow me away."
-Rise up//imagine dragons.


"I'm ready for the fall, i'm ready for everything that i believed in to drift away, ready for the leaves, ready for the colours to burn to gold and crumble away."
-The fall//imagine dragons.


"We're living in a lying trust."
-I don't know why//imagine dragons.


"Take me back to ninety one, i got a love life there, a loaded gun, alright."
-Destination//imagine dragons.


"She loves to run and hide, give her love and she will die."
-Emma//imagine dragons.


"Brother, sister, the ending is coming."
-Fallen//imagine dragons.

yaaassss, it's finally done, it turned out to be lots more longer than i thought lol actually most of them aren't even wise words, they're just words that connected to me anyway lmao.
anyways i'll see ya tomorrow, stay positive, folks. bye