Listen to: Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes

"I want to see..."

Those are the last words I remember hearing before it was just you and me on the dance floor. I felt you close behind me as the song started, moving in time with me. Every time we locked eyes I could see the stars in yours like I was all you see. I don't remember a moment where I wasn't smiling, you made me do that a lot. Soon your hands were on my waist and my back was against you. I felt it then, a spark. I could tell you felt it too, lightly pushing your fingertips into my waist a little more. You turned me so we were facing each other, your eyes looking into mine. For what felt like forever we stood there just looking at one another until I pushed away. The dance continued and you kept making funny faces at me so that I would laugh, neither of us messed up to our surprise. Your hands brushed me one more time before our moment was over. I could hear everyone cheering as you walked away, turning around only to give me a wink saying we'll talk later.

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