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Today I'm doing the How I see myself as a fictionnal character tag. I've always loved reading so when I saw @whatsyourpurpose 's article I wanted to try it! You have to create a character that you identify with or someone you aspire to be.
Here's her article for you to check out:

Let's get started!


Charlie, I've always loved this name for a girl!


Image by kurdish Temporarily removed
Mid curly blond hair
brown eye, eye, and dark brown eye image eyes, eye, and brown image
dark brown eyes
Image removed fashion, outfit, and body image
tall and fit
Image by Fernanda Rodrigues girl, freckles, and eyes image
with freckles


fashion, outfit, and clothes image girl, cat, and autumn image dress, fashion, and style image aesthetic, nike, and mom jeans image aesthetics, alternative, and black image beach, fashion, and malibu image
vintage style


cliche, girls, and paris image Temporarily removed girls, aesthetic, and chic image Mature image
comprehensive, funny, dreamer, rebel, loyal, sensitive, childish and stubborn

What Charlie likes

music, bird, and vintage image Image by ‏Ζεύς flowers, book, and coffee image Image by ♛Princess♛ girl, friends, and luxury image travel, map, and car image aesthetic, analogue, and blonde image red, cherry, and food image girl, smile, and happy image architecture, art, and beautiful image
music, painting, reading, cherries, her friends and family, road trips, flowers, laught, rain

Where Charlie lives

Temporarily removed lake, mountain, and new zealand image bedroom and yellow image house, nature, and tree image
In a cottage in New Zealand

Quotes Charlie lives by

crying, laugh, and beautiful image quotes, words, and motivation image Image removed Image removed

Thanks for reading! I really enjoy making this!
I tag everyone who wants to do this.
Feel free to message me if you want to leave a suggestion or if you just wanna talk to someone!
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