I will say how I feel, how I feel.

When we fall in love, it is one of the hardest and most heartrending things in life, but if you are young and do not even understand what is happening. It's the worst.
Being honest, I hate a lot when they say "Simpre I'll stay", "You're the best person", "You're special", do you know what I think of that? that's a big shit
This goes for the people who say that: go to the devil.
Do not you know how much damage that does? If you say you'll never leave, at least explain why you did it, shit.

In life there are confusions, relapses and tears.
But it really is what it is, you can not change anything, everything will be the same, maybe you can force yourself, but if you know you can not fix it, it does not matter if you try.