Oh honey, challenges in my life have never been as complicated as this one you're making me go through, you make me watch you every single day with that smile, that damn smile that makes me wanna run to you so I can kiss you and stay in those arms of yours forever.

You make me rave for you during pale moonlights, I imagine you know my name, my dreams, my hopes of making you laugh and fall in love. I imagine you take my breath away when you hold me tight with that strength you use to hug your girl, who's never going to be me.

You make me do things I would've never done like being brave to talk to you, being dedicated to someone so long, taking out the best of me in order to prove how much I'm worth, but nothing will ever be enough to be close to you.

Your friends, I don't think they would love me, honestly we would be perfect together, but this is no movie to be dreaming that if I were with you, they would love me for who I am, and what makes me feel worse, is that I'm not even your friend.

Any of this will never be possible of course, you're "happy" with that girlfriend of yours that stands next to you, and maybe we have only met once or twice, but I can bet you that she doesn't feel the same as I do, she's only there harming you, making you think you deserve that kind of love and that she's the best you can get.

Oh darling, only if you knew...
...If you had an idea of how happy you could be with someone else, someone who's been standing right in front of your eyes and you have never realized that has been there, probably that could be me, I've seen you alone, when you're sad, even nervous, but one day when you're gone, you will know it cause you'll read my letter, and maybe by that time you'll want to stop suffering.