Since this is my first article, what better way to start it than with the #ThisIsMeChallenge? Let's do this!

  • Style
aesthetic, blue, and converse image Image removed alternative, beautiful girl, and beauty image Temporarily removed fashion, street style, and look image blonde, cropped, and fashion image
all star • vegan leather jacket • a lot of earrings • bohemian • cropped • denin
  • Color
Image removed stop, blue, and aesthetic image moon, stars, and art image blue, sky, and aesthetic image
  • Passions
Temporarily removed aquarius, aries, and astrology image Abusive image Temporarily removed girl, bed, and morning image Temporarily removed
travel • music • art • astrology • mystical things • sleep • history especially the celtic one • nature and animals • books
  • Animals
animal, cat, and fluffy image cat, gato, and olhos image Image removed animal, cat, and cute image dog and lhasa apso image akira, dog, and fashion image
i do have 4 cats and 2 dogs
  • Foods
food, lasagna, and cheese image pizza, food, and cheese image chocolate, delicious, and please image Image removed
lasagna • anything whith cheese • brigadeiro • carrot cake with brigadeiro
  • Personality
Temporarily removed cool, friendship, and kyle image quotes, motivation, and inspiration image photography, travel, and train image
dreamer • curious • creative • ambivert • impatient • short-tempered • ambitious • humorous • stubborn • lazy • clumsy
  • A book
juliet marillier image beautiful, beauty, and daughter image Temporarily removed celtic, paint, and Swan image
Daughter of the Forest
  • TV shows
pll, pretty little liars, and alison image smiling, vikings, and travis fimmel image Image removed arrow, green arrow, and oliver queen image
pretty little liars • vikings • reign • arrow
  • Favourite artists
beach, malibu, and miley cyrus image liam payne, niall horan, and zayn malik image miley cyrus image Temporarily removed
Miley Cyrus • One Direction
  • Dreams and goals
memories, world, and travel image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It alternative, hippie, and hipster image
travel the world • work in something i actually like • become a vegetarian • be more patient
  • Quotes
live, pink, and quotes image quotes, life, and words image Temporarily removed quotes, life, and words image quotes, words, and people image quotes, love, and love yourself image

Hope you liked it! And sorry for any gramatical mistakes