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Let's begin!


dance, fitness, and nike image book, coffee, and reading image pink, quotes, and music image Temporarily removed
i take the bus everywhere I go lol. I love dancing, I study and read a lot too.


fashion, style, and skirt image fashion, outfit, and style image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, outfit, and style image
beige is my go to color when it comes to outfits <3 Soft sweaters and hoodies are sooo cute I love.


fish, green, and nature image Temporarily removed floral, flower, and flowers image pink, rose, and aesthetic image beige, cole, and theme image aesthetic, coffee, and beige image
baby pink! beige! Green! Orange! Heck yeah.


alternative, opinion, and romance image sailor moon, anime, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed anime, aesthetic, and gif image


girl, art, and painting image art, quotes, and happiness image dj, recording, and music image study, school, and inspiration image
Art, singing, writing and self confidence


Image removed grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and ellen pompeo image characters, sonya, and season 4 image kim bok joo, weightlifting fairy, and nam joo hyuk image
I watch a lot of tv (ha) but I never have had a series that caught my eye. But here are some series that I wouldn't mind re watching <3 (shameless, greys anatomy, wentworth, weightlifting fairy)


movies and train to busan image korea and movie image film, korea, and asia image korean movie and he was cool image
Korean movies are the bomb dot com. I can't stand watching American movies after watching some golden k dramas. (train to busan, miracle in cell no.7, werewolf boy, he was cool)


books, love letters to the dead, and ava dellaira image aesthetic, alternative, and book image book, read, and pillow thoughts image book, english, and flower image
I love poetry, romance, 1900's, tragedy, and non fiction. It all is a hit or miss for me sometimes, but once I start a book I am determined to finish it. (unless if it sucks big time)


foster the people, music, and torches image Temporarily removed bts, jimin, and jin image the growlers, night ride, and city club album image
my music taste is all over the place. I like Indie rock, oldies (90's, 80's, 70's) angst (is this even a genre?) my Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/user/twentygirlssonmars?si=1efavaABS0Cg9L5mBKaYUg


cat, animal, and kitten image Temporarily removed bird, cute, and animal image Image removed
wow I'm in L O V E


food, sushi, and aesthetic image food, fruit, and healthy image Temporarily removed food, Chicken, and healthy image
I love sushi. It's a food I will never get tired of. Ramen <3 kiwi and fruit <3 Vietnam spring rolls?? It's a yes for me.


medicine and surgeon image friends, night, and light image bts, jin, and v image cat, baby, and child image
Go into the medical field, go on a roadtrip with my closest friends after highschool <3, see BTS live!, Have a kid <3

This took me a while to make aha.I really hope you guys got to know me more <3 also please message me if you would like! I would love to get to know you!

- Chantelle

(cover image credit to earlboykins)