Let me just start off with wow... This book left me speechless at the end and I'm still questioning what even happened.

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I'm keeping details limited so no worries about spoilers


All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven is about a boy named Finch and a girl named Violet.

Violet is the girl everyone loves but her sister recently passed in a car accident, and Finch is the school freak just trying to stay awake. One day they meet on the ledge of a bell tower and in a way they save each other.

The story progresses and a relationship develops between them, filled with adventures and self-discoveries. Violet is finally able to live again, and so is Finch until everything goes wrong once again.

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My Thoughts

I think this is one of those books that everyone should read, you get two very drastic points of views and it feels like you really are these characters. The story does incorporate some sensitive topics but it does so in such an eye-opening way.

It's a heartbreaking but also romantic novel and at the end, you can tell how personal it is. I was able to find bits of myself in both of the characters and I think you guys will too.

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If I could I would give every single one of you a copy of this book just so you can go through the same emotional roller coaster that I did. Please please please go out and read this novel, I promise it's worth it.

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Thank you guys so much for checking out my first book review. I'm limited on time with AP exams coming up and just school in general. I usually read a book a week so be on the lookout for more reviews. ♡