Hi beautiful.

Twenty One Pilots where the first group that made me fall in love with the sound of music.

They taught me things about life i didn't knew before, and they also proved to me that i can make it through the shitty days of my life.

I love them and probably will forever.

Here are a few songs I'll never stop loving.



- I kinda like it when I make you cry, cause' I'm twisted up, I'm twisted up inside.
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the first song i heard from the band, and i fell in love with the honest lyrics

We Don't Believe What's On TV

- I used to say I wanna die before I'm old, but because of you I might think twice.
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I was dancing in the kitchen at 2 am in the morning with the biggest smile ever with this song on the highest volume in the headphones. Good times


- I'm trying to be so cool.
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I screamed so much, and i felt so happy when the phrase 'we're broken people' came out, i felt like i wasn't alone

Taxi Cab

- Sometimes we will die and sometimes we will fly away.
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For the first time, i wasn't afraid of anything until this song was over

Message Man

- These lyrics aren't for everyone, only a few understand.
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I always wanted to message the message man

March To The Sea

- Heaven forbid they see you cry.
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this song is like a forbidden movie that only i can see

Ode To Sleep

- I swear I heard demons yelling.
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a dark beginning with an amazing end that is just as dark but the melody makes it happy so i guess this is a happy song? (:

House Of Gold

- Dreams are dead.
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this is my and my mothers song and i will never ever stop listening to this

A Car, A Torch, A Death

- I began to understand why God died.
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another story people around me don't understand and i hate that. this is a masterpiece

Holding On To You

- You should take my life, you should take my soul.
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i saw a fallen star when this song came on shuffle, and ever since, i feel something inside me grater than everything


- I wanted to be a better brother, better son.
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this song is like 'fuck the rules, and try not get broken by your own mistakes' vibe and i love it


- Am I the only one I know?
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so good it actually hurts

Car Radio

- Sometimes quiet is violent.
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once you hear it, you'll never forget the lyrics from the song


- I will not kiss you.
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if i ever die, i know i lived for a reason and that reason is this song


And with that, I'm saying goodbye to this chapter.

To be honest, just listen to all of their songs. It actually doesn't even matter which you choose, they will either way make you feel things you didn't even knew existed.

That's the beauty of two boys, that tells stories from their heart and not about the same shit other people sings about.

i hope you liked this article, check out my other things, if you want to.

Until next time,