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This is my first article and I got tagged by my friend Trish. This challenge was created by Sarah. You can find their links down below.

Sarah Pan
Sarah Pan

Name: Alexa


fashion and hairstyle image fashion, girl, and hair image
Blonde hair.
makeup, eyes, and eye image eyes, eye, and brown image
Brown eyes.
girl, summer, and beach image bra, fashion, and girl image
Short and slim.
Image removed tattoo, red, and flowers image
Ear piercing and small tattoo.


Temporarily removed fashion, flowers, and girl image fashion, style, and girl image fashion, girl, and style image Temporarily removed fashion, shoes, and jeans image
Casual, simple and sometimes classic. Alexa love light clothes, sneakers, denim and ripped jeans.


fashion, girl, and outfit image cozy, Lazy, and relax image Image removed girl, teddy bear, and bear image
Friendly, kind, honest, optimistic, dreamy, sarcastic, loyal.

What Alexa likes

art, draw, and drawings image Temporarily removed Image removed music, vintage, and vinyl image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Painting, books, tea, shopping, travelling, music, animals.

Where Alexa live

travel, paris, and city image fashion, girl, and paris image Temporarily removed home, interior, and luxury image
Cozy apartment in Paris.

Quotes Alexa lives by

quotes, pink, and proud image ambition, boss, and goals image Image removed quotes, love, and edgar allan poe image quotes, book, and art image Image removed

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