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Today I'm going to write my reasons for thinking that photography is one great activity everybody should try once in a while! :)

  • Various subjects & themes

One can take photos of animals, architecture, people, nature, streets, details etc. The subjects are varied and that's what offers expanded freedom all around the world!

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  • Different shapes & sizes

As for anything else in this world, photography differs in shape & size. A photo can be taken both vertically or horizontally (portrait/landscape) and can be printed out either as a film photograph, a simple photograph or a polaroid!

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  • Makes people more curious about life

Photography can be practiced in one's city, but it sometimes gets dull. So photography makes people more interested in traveling and opening their exploring apettite.

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  • Doesn't require an expensive camera

Photography has always been a way to express one's self and tell a story, a concept, an idea to the whole world. Therefore, anyone can take photos either on a phone, a digital camera, DSLR etc. The story and the quality of it matter most.

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  • Introduces to a new world

Besides the current world that someone lives in, photography introduces him/her to a new place, where people from anywhere around the globe share the same passion. It could lead to new friendships, contests, prizes, jobs and many more!

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  • A beautiful, unique way to tell your story!

I believe everybody's got a story to tell. And everyone chooses a different way to tell that - either by speaking, writing, singing, painting, sketching, dancing, taking photos etc.

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  • Always brings you more experience

The art of photography never ends - it's an endless process that always brings you more and more experience with every day you use your camera. With time, you learn more about the rule of thirds, contrast, colors, angles, poses, sunlight, moonlight, iso, speed etc. Whatever you do, it's only bringing you benefits!

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