halla babes!

today i want to 'show' you ma fav ari unreleased songs. there is six of them so let's go:

1. nobody does it better

ariana grande, icon, and ariana image

i think that people forgot about this song. it's really good, if you haven't heard that then do it!!!

2. this one's for you

arianagrande and ariannabuterra image

yh i know it's not the cover of that song
anyway i love this and since i discovered ariana's version i keep listening to that. like larsson who?

3. pink champagne

Temporarily removed

it's so pure and i love that one plus it's very my (past but who cares) aesthetic (i'm really into 80s rn, bc of call me by your name duh) good song to dance around the room haha.

4. know better part 2

ariana grande, ariana, and icon image

that's the queen we know right? i'm already feeling like a bad bitch listening to this so song, it's brilliant, we love.

5. step on up

beautiful, champagne, and elegant image

i loooove sou, i'm like really obssesed. if you have some free time check a choreography by mina myoung from 1million studio and i promise you, you will fall in love

6. esta noche

ariana grande, ariana, and arianagrande image

i have discovered that song really not that long time ago, sadenlly we don't have an audio, there's just live versions but still looooove.

ok guys that's it for tonight, love ya buy and DON'T FORGET TO BUY NO TEARS LEFT TO CRY ON ITUNES.