Hi lovely Roses,

Today, I decided to try a little tag : If I were a...

  • A flower :
flowers, white, and rose image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧
White rose
  • An animal :
Temporarily removed wolf and wild image
A wolf
  • A color :
beautiful color hair image wallpaper, hope, and quotes image
  • A season :
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
  • An element :
blue, waves, and ocean image Temporarily removed
  • A Disney princess :
books, disney, and princesa image belle, disney, and beast image
  • An instrument :
piano, music, and hands image Image by Tuba
  • A book :
Temporarily removed book, starbucks, and john green image book, john green, and the fault in our stars image
The fault in our stars, John Green
  • Series :
Image removed helsinki, professor, and la casa de papel image la casa de papel image quotes, love, and la casa de papel image
La Casa de Papel

Thanks for reading,

Love, Carly Rose