Have you ever felt complete in life? Have you ever thought that nothing's missing? How people reach such a prosperous moment? Personally, I thought I couldn't even imagine it. But let's take a look, what does it really mean to feel and actually be completed...

Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher of the 4th century b.C., stated that a person is composed of 5 sides. The mental, the ethic, the material, the social and the psychological. So, for someone to be considered completed, these 5 sides have to be in balance.

To be more specific, to have balance:
Mentally, means being cultured and cultivated and never get bored of learning new stuff in life
Ethically, means to respect others and most importantly yourself, to have meritoriousness
Materially, is to be healthy and have the goods that you basically need to be kept alive
Socially, is having people in your life to share your thoughts and the feeling of love; because, as someone once said, to love is nothing, to be loved is something and to love & be loved is everything
Psychologically, at last but not least, means to have all of the above in this life, and also be psychologically healthy so you can be able to know / realize it & enjoy it.

Today's deep message through this article for you to keep is: please, think.
Think about all these conditions that via balance lead to completion and, by extension, to self-sufficiency and from there to happiness.
The next time that something disappointing occurs in your life (a breakup, a bad grade, a toxic friendship or relationship, a family argument etc.), think about the balance and try to get back to it. Please, think. Do it for you.