He changed my life 💜

The first song I heard from Avicii was „Wake me up“. While I listen to this song, I sat in my room. I cried, because I didn‘t know how I should accomplish Highschool. No friends, a typically outsider. After I listen to the whole song, I felt not only much better. I felt stronger. This song showed me that I shouldn’t give up. That there is always a way to accomplish my aim. From this day, I promised myself that he will always be my idol.

Feeling my way through the darkness
Guided by a beating heart
I can't tell where the journey will end
But I know where to start
— Wake me up

Thank you, bro 💜

I just wanna say thank you for your inspiration in your songs.
Thank you for sharing your music with us.
Thank you that your music change my life, for helping me to live my life.
Thank you for all, bro! You will be always my big idol. And in our heart.

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Rest In Peace ✌🏾
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I tried carrying the weight of the world
But I only have two hands
Hope I get the chance to travel the world
But I don't have any plans
— Wake me up