Hello People. I love this idea , is so perfect . My dream is see myself as a fictional character from a book or movie but i can't so i will write here some of my thoughts . The idea of the article is Sarah , here's her article:

My Character:

NAME: Elizabeth "Lisa" Turner

Lisa's Physique

blue, eyes, and eye image girl, hair, and beautiful image girl, jeans, and sport image Temporarily removed nails, black, and style image Image removed
Balck hair, pale skin, blue eyes , black nails, mascara and freckles.


Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and hair image dress, fashion, and pink image blonde, delicate, and fashion image Temporarily removed fashion, black, and style image Temporarily removed chic, classy, and fashion image
The style varies according to the mood


friendship goals tumblr image books, cozy, and girl image Temporarily removed friends, summer, and car image alternative, flower, and nature image Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and elena gilbert image
Party girl, popular,reader , love friends , love sister and brother

What Liza's Like

canon, fashion, and girl image friends, car, and summer image Temporarily removed camila cabello image
Take pictures, travel, sing and cake with ice cream

Where Liza Lives

california, beach, and los angeles image home, kitchen, and house image flowers, girl, and vintage image summer and luxury image
Big house in LA

Quotes that Liza Love

pink, vibes, and wallpaper image quotes, designer, and catastrophy image quotes, boy, and red image Temporarily removed quotes, bitch, and pink image Temporarily removed