Hey hey hey, so I saw some people doing this and I thought that it was really cool. I've always loved to write stories and create characters but I never imagine doing one similiar to myself or "what I wanted to be" but here I am. So yeah, some of those things or characteristics are just like mine irl and others it´s like my alter ego/how I want to be. Hope you like it xoxo


I chose the name Mackenzie bc my real name starts with a "M" and idk why but I really like names that start with "M" and I've always loved the name Mackenzie. It means "child of the wise leader" and that´s what she is, she's a leader too.

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Mackenzie's Physique:

She is tall and skinny, she has big green eyes and big eyelashes, long light brown hair and freckles on her nose.

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Mackenzie's Personality:

Overall she is an outgoing person, she is not afraid to speak what is in her mind, she is confident about herself, funny, intelligent and creative. She works really hard to get what she wants and never gives up, she dreams a lot but she is also down to earth and is always there to help everyone who needs it, she cares a lot about her friends and makes new friends really easily.

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Mackenzie's Style:

Her style is a lot like mine, casual/laid back, simple, cute and girly sometimes.

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Where Mackenzie lives:

Mackenzie lives with her parents and her younger brother in L.A, she grew up there and never moved anywhere else. She loves the good weather there and gives her good vibes.

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Things Mackenzie likes:

Mackenzie loves to travel and her biggest dream is to travel all around the world. She also likes taking pictures, writing, dancing and acting (she wants to be an actress). But the thing that she likes the most to do is hang out with friends and go to parties.

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Mackenzie's friends:

She has a lot of friends, as I said earlier is not a problem for her to make friends everywhere she goes. But of course she has like her "squad" and it is: Bella her bestie of all time they grew up together; Dylan her lover, they both like each other but don't know about it; and then there is Olivia, Tyler, Zack, Lily and Alexis

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So there is is, I hope you liked and If you think I should write more articles let me know, xoxo...