Hey guys! I really wanna tell you all what helped clear my skin, some products may work for you but some probably won't. I had a lot of small bumps on my forehead and big pimple's under my skin between my eyebrows and on my cheeks. My skin was very dry and it's super sensitive. This products helped me so much!

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Birth control pill/patch

When my acne broke out I started taking the pill, especially for my acne. My acne got a lot better but didn't completely disapear. After 3 years I decided to start using a birth control patch. This is helped my skin so much better! It almost cleared all of my acne. But I still use a lot of products to keep the acne away and my skin healthy.

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I also had a lot of acne on my breast/back. I can say that bio-oil cleared about 95% of that. Not even birthcontrol did that. It didn't do much to the acne on my face but mysteriously it did for my back and breast. Even a professional make up artist I once worked with recommended this product to models with acne (Yes there are models with acne, me too). I still use this product when my face is really dry or I have some acne scars to get rid off. You can also use this product with a greasy skin, it's gonna make your skin less greasy. This is one of the best products!

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Louis Widmer Skin Appeal

One product I also wanna recommend is the care gel from Louis Widmer in the Skin Appeal line. This products KEEPS my acne away. I swear by this product. Since I've been using this my acne mostly stays away. Before, even with birth control I still had some bad skin days/weeks. Ofcourse nothing like before the birth control. Also the tonic of this line I can recommend. These producst are made for blackheads and acne and stops your skin from producing more acne. This product can bite a little, but my sensitive skin can handle it so probably yours will too. I use this almost every day overnight.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera fresh from the leaf, there is nothing better for hydrating your skin and clearing acne scars than this plant. You can cut it out of the leaf and use it as a face mask for 30min - 1 hour or rub it on your face and use it overnight. I try to do this 2-3 times a week. I last about 1-1,5 month with one leaf.

Clean your skin

Every night I clean my skin with water and make up remover from Diadermine or cleaning milk. Even if I'm not wearing make-up. It feels refreshing and cleans your skin, if you have a sensitive skin like mine don't try a cleaning mousse but a cleaning milk.

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It's a cliché but so important, drink lots of water!


Don't diet, but try to figure out what foods make your acne worse. I still eat whatever the fuck I want to, but I just don't eat Mcdonalds 3 days in a row anymore.

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Lush masks/sprays

I use a lush toner for my skin in the morning with rosewater, it calms my skin and makes it glow, it also feels really refreshing. Perfect for a sensitive skin! I also recommend the masks for a healthy and glowing soft skin.

Garnier pure active

Once a week I use the Garnier Pure active scrub. If I feel that my skin is getting greasy or I get some acne or have some lose skin I scrub my face and this really helps. DON'T use a scrub when you have a lot of acne, open acne or not fully healed wounds.

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Touching your face

Do not touch your face during the day. You touch your face a lot and if you have acne that means more bacteria gets on your face and this only makes it worse. If you really wanna pop that pimple do it with cleaned hands.

This is mostly it, I hope I could help and heart to save lifes, or skins! It takes a lot of dedication but you have to keep doing this strictly for a few weeks/months and you'll see your skin will get a lot better!