Hellooo guuysss,
first of all I am so sorry, I know I haven't written an article for a long time (I had a lot of stress in school), but I am back!

Since it is already so hot now in Switzerland I was thinking about sharing some plans & things I do in summer. I hope you enjoy this article and I could give you some ideas.

go camping
Camping is one of my favourit activities. I mean hang out with friends, put up a tent, doing a ''sleepover'' there, barbecue und lokking at stars at night. omg I seriously can't wait!

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have a bonfire party
and again spend an awesome time with your friends & family. I personally love to do it in the evening near the lake: watch the sunset, play football (or what ever you like) and have a swim.

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As you got to know me from the previous articles, you may know that I love love travelling! This summer I am going to Portugal & I am so excited. By the way if you have been there, what is worth visiting there and are your recommendations?

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just look at the stars at night
It may sound stupid but i literally could stare at them for hours. I like the space and imagine what is out there, there is so much more than this earth and I know that there are other creatures out there. Actually, that was one of my reasons why I went studying mathematics and physics so I could go up to space.

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have a water fight

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go to a strawberry farm and pick berries
I really like berries so and it is so much fun picking them. Did you know that you can pick & eat them for free there? You just have to pay for those und take with you:)

make yourself a fresh detox drink
So I take sparkling water and ice cubes and put some mint and fruits like lemon, lime & grapefruit inside. Soooo delicious.

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eat frozen yogurt

plant some plants in your garden
I don't know if this is only me, but I really think plants give you a positiv energy and a good mood.

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visit a rollercoaster park

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treat yourself a spa day
go have your nails done, massage and face masks of course