hello, lovely hearters!
a few days ago, i posted my morning routine article, and due to its positive feedback, i thought i'd share my nighttime routine as well!
everything i do when i'm getting ready for bed:
put on my evening playlist
you can find it on spotify—
change into my comfies
brush my hair thoroughly and tie it back
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take off my make-up
cleanse my face with witch hazel
brush my teeth & use mouthwash
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i will forever swear by witch hazel. it smooths & tones like crazy, while also completely cleansing any excess make-up, or dirt buildup.
turn on fairy lights & my scentsy warmer in my room
put together an outfit for the next day
write out a to-do list for the morning
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make a list of everything i'm grateful for/what made me happy that day
make sure my alarm is set
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take my puppy outside one last time
read a book for 30 mins—1 hr
go to sleep!
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i try not to look at my phone (or any screen) 1 hour before bed— this helps a lot with falling asleep. reading a book until i'm sleepy also helps.
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