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I was changing over my wardrobe for Spring and I thought about this article, so here it is... hope you'll like it!

Denim jackets

Denim jackets are life saver!

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Flowery clothes

Of course flowery clothes are a must in Spring!

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Blouses are really airy and comfortable

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Leather jackets

Leather jackets are perfect with any type of outfit, with pants, dresses, skirts or croptops

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Colorful clothes

Yellow, pink, red or green... all the colors are accepted in this period of the year

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Mom jeans

Mom jeans are really comfortable... I usually wear Levis 501 but mom jeans are literally everywhere so I guess you can find them in any shop.
You can wear them with sneakers or high heels... they anyway slay

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Overalls are really good during springtime with shirts worn under them or crop tops

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Protect yourself from sunlight and do it with a nice colored cap!

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White shirts

Last but not least white shirts are airy and easy to style... they can be worn with denim or leather jackets, mom jeans, skirts and overalls

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