So I know this is all over, but I saw it on @dystopiaglory's account and decided to give it a try!

Here we go!

A ~ Age

I'm 15, and can't wait to turn 16 in November! I'm going to Disney!

B ~ Best Feature

My eyes(when I'm not wearing my contacts) OR this is weird,but my feet,I mean, I have flaws on my face and torso, but not my feet. XD

C ~ Color

Mainly blues,light pinks, and grey. But at the moment, I'm really feeling like, darker,forest greens and tans.

D ~ Deepest Regret

This is gonna sound really...dumb, but not trying hard enough this year in school.

E ~ Everyday Starts With

A trip to the toilet.

F ~ Favorite show

Right now, American Dad. YAS. YAS. YAS. It used to be Once Upon A Time but everyone knows what direction THAT went in...

G ~ Greatest Accomplishment

To be honest, I've never done anything "great"

H ~ Height

Either 5'7 or 5'7 and a half. But no doubt, I'm really tall. XD

I ~ In Love With

SO MANY PEOPLE. But my Luvy Hubby is Tom Hiddleston.

J ~ Job Of My Dreams

Most things that involve writing. I love writing fiction and I can MOST DEFIANTLY see myself doing it for a job. Now something more dream like, DISNEY. I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything that has to do with Disney and its truly a dream to work there. (I'm actually doing the DCP when I'm in college. Well, I'll try to get in anyway.)
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K ~ Kids I Want

3, Two older boys and a daughter. Although, it would be great to have twin girls.

L ~ Last Thing I Ate

A Pop Tart

M ~ Magical Power I Want

To Fly. Mind Control or Mind Reading.

N ~ Number Of Sliblings

2 younger sisters... Don't get me started. XD

O ~ One Favorite Song

I could never ever choose.

P ~ Person I Last Texted

My best friend, Bailey

Q ~ Question I'm Always Asked

Gosh I hate this but, "Why do you talk to yourself?"
My reply, "I'm thinking out loud."

R ~ Reasons to Smile

So many. I went to a concert for a Christian band called Big Daddy Weave and one thing they said that stuck with me is that smiles come from Heaven and when ever someone asked you why you were smiling to tell them of Jesus. If they said they didn't want to her about that say, "Well,you asked." So from then on I decided to tell of how blessed I was whenever someone asked.
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S ~ Sexuality

Straight as a pencil.

T ~ Time I Wake Up

6:15 on school day, 8-10 on weekends.

U ~ Underwear Color

Blacks, Blues, Purples, Pinks, Whites. XD Silly Question.

V ~ Vacation Place

Outside of America, England, Ireland, Spain, Scotland, Australia, Russia,Mexico... and maybe Tokyo and Canada.
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W ~ Worst Habits

Procrastination, Not focusing, I can be lazy too.

X ~ X-Rays I've Had

At the Dentists

Y ~ Your Favorite Drink


Z ~ Zodiac


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