part two of my favorite tv characters...male tv characters. same with the last post i'll give you the characters, the actors and the show they are on. enjoy!

  • Eric Northman

played by Alexander Skarsgard on True Blood

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this hunky vampire was the whole package. tough, powerful, gorgeous and smart. i also loved his character development. bad boy turned soft, but he always kept his edge.
  • Spenser Reid

played by Matthew Gray Gubler on Criminal Minds

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this nerdy fbi agent with a phd and a heart of gold is another favorite character of mine. watching him grow over the 13 seasons of criminal minds has been wonderful and hard not to fall in love with him.
  • Nick Miller

played by Jake Johnson on New Girl

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i have enjoyed so much watching this character grow and change for the last seven years. i am so sad that this is the last season of New Girl, but nick miller is hands down one of my favorite and real characters out there.
  • Sheriff Hopper

played by Dan Harbour on Stranger Things

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Hopper is by far my favorite character on this show. he has a tough exterior but deep down he's a big softy. i love his sarcastic personality and his fierce ability to protect the ones he loves.
  • Seely Booth

played by David Boreanaz on Bones

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this all american boy is the whole package. good looks, charm, brains, good husband and father. in a partner, what more could you ask for? he is an all american hero.
  • Charles Bartowski

played by Zachary Levi in Chuck

zachary levi image chuck, chuck bartowski, and sarah walker image yvonne strahovski, zachary levi, and chuck image zachary levi image
a nerdy character with a heart of gold. all he ever wanted was to get the girl, and in the end he got her only for her to slip through his fingers. he was so relate-able and such a love-able character.
  • Captain Hook

played by Colin O'donoghue on Once Upon a Time

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this smoldering, eyeliner wearing pirate, went through hell and back (literally) to come out the other side redeemed. this character came along way from his days seeking revenge to finding his happy ending with the woman he loves.

so what did you think of my favorite male tv characters? all of them have such huge hearts and such layers. all of the actors of course did an amazing job bring them to life as well. give me a heart if you agree with my list, or if you have any to add let me read some more about some of my favorites please click below. thanks for reading!