Dear You,

That is how I chose to remember you. My first love. You see in this chapter, we were intersecting lines. Our souls were made in the same breath. I was meant for you and you were meant for me.

In this chapter, we were in love. You loved me because I was your rock and I loved you because you felt like home. We had dancing and poetry and butterflies in our stomachs.

In this chapter, it was us against the world. Everything else could go wrong but none of it ever mattered because I had you and you had me.

In this chapter, we would always meet in the middle. It was us versus the problem. It was a team effort. Me and you.

In this chapter, I could tell you anything. And everything. And you could do the same because nothing made me feel more at home than when I hear your stories. How your day went, the things that upsets you, the things that angers you, your greatest fear.

In this chapter, I was happy. Genuinely and intensely so.

Dear You,

Timing is everything and my were we too early.