I am strong.
I am brave.
I am unstoppable.
I am powerful.

He chanted in his head, fooling himself and others but he tried to cover up his heartbroken state, the hurt overpowered his heart.

He felt his throat clog up from tears that he wouldn't let out, the sob ready to burst out of his mouth, he couldn't live without her and yet she looked at him like he was scum, the lowest of the lows but worst of all like he is the devil.

And he couldn't agree more, with the fact that he destroyed many lives, without mercy or remorse - the sadistic smile that coated his lips was just a small part of his true self.

When it came to her he lost all of his common sense, his eyes marvelled at her beauty but what caught his cold heart was her personality. She shone like the sun, her smile so soft and could light up anyone's world. She smiled at everyone, anywhere without hesitation and he found her beautiful - inside and out.

She smiled at him, the villain of every story, ready to shatter a perfectly amazing happily ever after, her smile was real - not fake. That was the first thing that he noticed and without knowing the seed of love settled in his heart and grew every second.

When she finally heard the truth, the whispers that echoed the world her smile slowly shifted downwards - into a barely noticeable frown. He knew she felt ashamed to have even smiled at him or even acknowledged him.

Her ocean eyes widened and looked straight into his black orbs, into hell.

"Devil!" She whispered.

And the immense fear that hadn't hit her yet - hit her hard and she stumbled back and ran away.


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