Hello everyone!Hope you are having a beautiful day!☀️
Today I've decided to do a different article
-This or that- challenge I don't know who create it but credits go to them
Let's start


I. Black and white or color?

I would choose black and white because it's poetic
Image removed drawing, art, and space image

II. Coffee or tea?

I do not drink coffee and I like to drink a lot of tea,so yeah tea
cat, book, and vintage image Image removed

III. Drawings or paintings?

I would choose paintings
clouds, aesthetic, and art image Temporarily removed

IV. Ice cream or yogurt?

brown, chocolate, and cone image dessert, food, and ice cream image

V. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

chocolate, pink, and food image

VI. Sunrise or sunset?

I always loved the sunrise,new day new begging
cloud, hawaii, and landscape image Temporarily removed

VII. Adidas or Nike?

accessories, black, and fashion image fashion, black, and nike image

VIII. Hamburger or pizza?

this pic says it all
food, pizza, and heart image

IX. Leather or denim?

grau and grey image fashion, style, and girl image

X. Library or museum?

I like a lot books,but I love to see art
art, museum, and aesthetic image art, girl, and museum image

XI. Baseball or basketball

I don't really know too much about baseball and never played it so I choose basketball
supreme, theme, and Basketball image

XII. Bracelet or necklase?

I can't live without bracelets,I use them every single day
fashion, bracelet, and style image couple, love, and hands image

XIII. Receive:email or letter

a letter because it's more romantic ,it sounds so beautiful to me if someone gives me a letter
Letter, quotes, and text image Temporarily removed

XIV. Cake or pie?

Honestly,I like more pies,yummy
wine, food, and delicious image food, flowers, and drink image

XV. Swimming or sunbathing?

Swimming is better
water, summer, and beach image friendship, holiday, and ocean image

XVI. Dogs or cats?

cats because they are so cute
cat, cute, and animal image

XVII. High heels or sneakers?

this is hard,but i would choose high heels
shoes, fashion, and heels image Temporarily removed

XVIII. Curly or straight hair?

aesthetic, brunette, and girl image girl, fashion, and beach image

XIX. Sea or mountains?

art, night, and drawing image


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