Hey everyone ! Today I really want to post my mode inspiration.
So let's gooooo !♡

↬ I'm a huge fan of the 80s,I take a lot of inspiration in this era.

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↬To continue, I really like vintage clothes and vintage shop, go on a thrift shop.↴

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thrift shop babyyy♡

↬George Michael is a huge inspiration for me

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icon-- George Michael.

↬To continue, I love Korea and Korean style so yeah look↴

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-This outfits waaaaw-

↬To finish, a lot of Kpop artist inspire me

bts, jungkook, and jimin image mj, rocky, and astro image kpop and SHINee image eric, jacob, and kevin image
-bts, ASTRO, SHINee, The Boyz ♡-

So guys, this is the end of the article I hope you like it this one haha :)
bye, see you soon ♡