*✿❀hey guys!❀✿*
i'm back again with another article, this time about my favorite anime and manga.
soo i hope that you like this (?) and that you don't hate me for not having seen/read your favorite anime/manga :)


🍥 Gintama

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when i first started watching gintama, i honestly didn't know what to expect and honestly, after watching i thought 'tf am i watching' but as the series progressed i was amazed at how good it actually is. it is kind of a meme but it's literally all in one: comedy, it parodies a lot of anime and manga, romance, drama, action, very likeable characters and an amazing soundtrack. my personal favorites are: kagura, gintoki, katsura, hijikata, okita, kamui, nobume and kyuubei. (a lot, i know)
i'm sure that the manga is amazing too but i haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

🍥 Durarara!!

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i watched the first season of drrr!! when i was like 12 (i'm 17 now) and ever since i was hooked. i think that what makes this one of my favorite anime are the characters rather than the story and in my opinion it has one of the best antagonists in anime (izaya). i'm also looking forward to reading the light novel since i've read snippets of it and it sounds great!

i have to admit however that season 2 was kind of a step down from season 1 since it was pretty rushed and had to fit in so much in 3 parts of 12 episodes each; it might also be because it was picked up by another studio BUT nonetheless, i still love the series
my favorite characters are: izaya, shizuo, celty and mairu

🍥 Mob Psycho 100

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i've read both one punch man and mob psycho 100 and to be honest, i've always loved mp100 more (i don't think opm is a bad anime/manga tho pls dont kill me) i think that one really outdid himself in this one and the anime... an adaptation done right. this series is full of vibrant colors and loveable characters and i 100% love everything about this, plus i'm HELLA EXCITED for s2 and that reigen spinoff. i know that one's art is very... peculiar to say the least but PLEASE read the manga too.
my favorite characters are: mob, teru, reigen, tome and dimple (i love everyone tho)

🍥 Tokyo Ghoul & Tokyo Ghoul:re

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tg is one of my favorite manga and i'm very happy with the success it's been having. i think that tg has a very interesting story that's filled with twists that'll leave you shook but what i love the most are the characters, it has such a wide and diverse character range and ishida's art is just beautiful. i personally like the manga WAY MORE than the anime but it has 2 anime seasons complete and the 3rd currently airing and adapting :re. this season of the anime seems alright atm tho that can change. i would recommend only reading the manga but if you want to see the anime that's cool.
my faves are: kaneki, shuu, saiko, suzuya, eto and arima.

🍥 Akira

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this movie... wow. it honestly surprises me how good the animation's quality is thinking it was made like 30 years ago. the plot is very interesting and it's kind of shocking how they only adapted half the manga in the movie, i thought it was the whole series lol. i'm looking forward to reading the manga since i've heard very good things about it but this movie is just amazing, everyone should watch it whether you watch anime or not.

🍥 Magi

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magi was one of the first anime i watched and to this day, i still love it. i love the setting inspired by the 1001 nights, the character and locations designs are also 10/10. the art in both the anime and manga is very pretty and the soundtrack is pretty lit. both the anime and manga are really good and the story is full of turns and twists. i'm really hoping for a s3 since the previous seasons were really good!!
my faves are: ja'far, kouha, hakuryuu, yamraiha, titus and morgiana

🍥 Hunter x Hunter

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i've only seen the hxh anime and haven't read the manga but i love it!! it has such an interesting story and characters, the animation is good and i've heard that it is a well-done adaptation. i'm really hoping the manga progresses so that we can get more episodes!! this is one of those 'classic' anime that you just have to watch.

🍥 Bungou Stray Dogs

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i first saw the anime of bsd and then read the manga and i have to say, both are pretty good! although i like the manga better, i think that the anime is a really good adaptation, esp s2. personally, i really love the concept and the characters, i'm hoping for a s3 some time in the future... (i know there's a movie coming soon)
my favorite characters are: dazai, chuuya, ranpo, poe, kyouka and akiko

🍥 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

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BOI DID I LAUGH WATCHING THIS. yes, this is a shoujo but boi, it's very funny like i laughed watching every. single. episode. the story and characters are nothing new, but i just really love gsnk, and i'm not someone that really enjoys shoujo manga/anime. the webcomic is also very funny, obviously but i've only read a couple of chapters so i can't say too much about it. miko-rin and kashima are bae

🍥 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

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ttgl is honestly such a gem. the animation, the story, the character design, everything is just so good. it is a mecha anime but a very! good! mecha! anime! it is slightly old (it's been about 10 years since it came out) but the animation is stunning. plus, the art, style and animation are huuge inspirations for my art. in the end all that i have to say is: go watch it

🍥 Your Name (Kimi no Nawa)

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another movie! i watched your name like a year after it came out and i feel like boo boo the fool. this movie is amazing, i love the art and storyline and the animation is 10/10. this movie is also not for the faint hearted, it will have you crying like a little bitch and screaming at the TV. (i cried like 3 times lol). that plot twist tho...

🍥 Spirited Away

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to end this list, i couldn't not mention spirited away, the first anime movie i ever watched. i first saw this film when i was around 7 and i remember thinking that it was so weird but beautiful at the same time and i still kind of feel like that about it but it's such a beautiful movie. it's been a hot minute since i've seen it bu i only have fond memories of it.


i hope you've enjoyed reading this article!! i really hope that you'll give these a watch/read and like them as much as i do!
once again, sorry for any typos, english isn't my first language. 💖