Date: April 21st, 2018
spotify: @genmagpayo

hey guys! this is a long awaited april playlist and I am so excited to show you guys yet again what I've been listening to these past few months. Oh my goodness so many of my favorite artist have been thriving and putting out new music and I am so happy!!!

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1.) Sunset- The Internet, Yuna
*disclaimer: there is a lot of songs by the internet on this playlist because I fucking love them, ok, ok!

Favorite lyric:
"I obsess
Over things that shouldn't matter
But they do
And it affects me
In the worst possable way"

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2.) Normal Girl- SZA
*tbh what's gens playlist without sZA

Favorite lyric:
"Wanna be a type of girl, you take home to your mama
The type of girl, I know your fellas would be proud of"

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3.) Glitter- Tyler, the creator
*also have a lot of tyler

Favorite lyric:

"Firework, I feel like glitter
cause' everytime you come around
I feel like glitter."

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4.) Forrest Gump- Frank Ocean

Favorite lyric:
"My fingertips, and my lips, they burn
From the cigarettes
Forrest Gump you run my mind boy"

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5.) Seventeen- Kevin Abstract

Favorite lyric:
"Known you for some time but it feels brand new
Try and go and forget but we did that too."

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Favorite lyric:
"Too many things I'd rather do different
woke up in a cold sweat, my emotions creeping."

7.) If Only- Raveena

Favorite lyric:
"It’s too late to hold me
Too late to call me too
You’re saying if only
I could get over you"

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8.) Consideration- Rihanna, SZA

Favorite Lyric:
"When I look outside my window
I can't get no peace of mind
When I look outside my window
I can't get no peace of mind oh"

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9.) Happiness- Rex Orange County

Favorite Lyric;

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10.) Teenage Fantasy- Jorja Smith

Favorite lyric:
"You weren't the boy I thought I knew
Maybe I was blind, I was young, I didn't have a clue"

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11.) Tainted- Alina Baraz

Favorite lyric:
"If you really want to know how I'm doing just ask
Really want to know but the moment has passed"

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12.) Ryd- Steve Lacy

Favorite lyric:
"Speedin' down the backstreet
I'm tryna get you in my backseat
Girl I want you to ride with me"

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13.) Frozen- Sabrina Claudio

Favorite lyric:
"The flowers still are blooming
Then leaves will turn again
But time will be frozen for us"

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14.) Ring (feat. Kehlani)-Cardi B
*i was shook by invasion of privacy like wow

Favorite lyric:
"You don't hit my line no more
You don't make it ring ring ring"