i'm usually pretty clear with people when they hurt or upset me, however my dad is a different story. he wasn't a great guy or a good dad at all. so when i turned 18 i cut him out of my life for good. now he's dead...so this is a letter to him.

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Dear Dad,
it's almost been one year since you've passed. it's weird that you are actually gone because you've been gone from my life for years. but this is different. i would always get nervous when i would go out that i would run into you somewhere. you have no idea why i cut you out and you never will. in your twisted mind you did nothing wrong. the pain you caused me and mom we will never forget, but it did make us stronger. i just wish you would have been kinder to mom. however horrible you were to me does't matter because i had mom, she was there for me. but she had no one. all you ever cared about was yourself and you didn't care who you hurt. although because of you i have trust issues that you will never know about, i just want you to know...i don't forgive you. people say you shouldn't carry around hate, that it's bad for your health. well whatever...my health is fine and i don't carry it around with me. i just thought you should know that you don't deserve my forgiveness. all of what i just wrote is moot anyways, considering that you're dead and buried and can never read this. but i guess it's good for me that i was able to write this. but if i did have to tell you something it would be...thank you. thank you for making me strong, and tough, and independent. you shouldn't get credit for the person i am now, mom should. but it is what it is. i am who i am because of the people in my life, good or bad. good bye dad.

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sorry for the sappy, sad post hearters. i usually don't bear my soul on social media platforms. but this one kind of got away from me. thanks for reading. if you can relate give me a heart or let me know how you're feeling. to read more from my 30 day writing challenge please click below.