English is not my mother tongue, so if I don't write well, don't think it too much. But now I'm going to tell you a little story. It's a metaphor. So let's start...

An old man sat with his grandson. They looked to the sea and listened the sound of it. Grandson watched to the sea and asked: "Grandfather, why the animals in the sea doesn't drown?" Old man looked down to his grandson and answered: "Because they have gills." Son looked confused for a while. Then he rised an walked to the beach. He put his hand under the water and yelled his grandfather to the beach. Son asked: "Why my hand doesn't drown even if it doesn't have gills?" "Oh dear son, you have lungs but your hand can't breathe, it can't drown", Grandfather said and smiled. "Why then you can drown on land even if your lungs doens't fill with water?" Old man watched his grandson and said quietly: "Because all the weight on you brings you to the bottom alone."

Yeah, it is hard sometimes when the weight in your mind brings you to bottom. And when you are down there alone, you just must empty your mind and ask some help to surface. Sunrise is always a new start and you have time to the sundown, use it wisely. And for all them who are in the bottom now, I wish you good luck and I send you a life vest.
With love, Liveyourdream <3