The moment that your life stops for a few minutes, because you received a message of a friend saying that he’s in love with your best friend.

The only answer that I have is: "NO."

I met myself yesterday in the house of my neighbours.
I met the real me.
I don’t know but I thought that I was going to be happy when my friends are in love. But I wasn’t.
I didn’t know that about me.

Yesterday I got a message from a friend: "Do you know the good news?" Me: No

"Well I’m in love with your best friend."
Me: No

"Why no?"
Me: No

"I love her, she’s my everything."

"Okay, don’t believe me..."
No, prove it, I don’t believe you. You prank me anytime. So I don’t believe you

"It’s true..."
Me: No

"Why are you talking like that, I expected another answer. "
Me:No, you don’t she didn’t say me that she’s in a relationship.

"Okay, I officially unfriend you."
Me:Okay, you also wanna block me?

"Maybe I wanna think about that."
So silly, I don’t accept you as boyfriend of my best friend. You just unfriend me. Is that your first drama in your relationship?

"How does you react on this. Hannah stop being like that."

Well, this phrase made me think. Why do I react so mean to this. Idk. I really don’t know. I think I forgot to think about myself and about the way I react on people.

I reread this chat with him over and over.

It feels like this isn’t the person that I normally am.
I’m just afraid of you, phrase,
i'm afraid of you, unfriended friend.

Let me think. Let me be your unfriended friend. Bc I don't know how to be friends.