So you just woke with the worst cold and you're going out with your friends tonight! Do not worry, I'll be telling you guys the simplest ways of getting rid of a cold quickly!

DISCLAIMER! I am not a 'doctor' but these have personally always worked for me and I usually do these on a regular basis since I get sick often. So please dont hate. If your symptoms dont pass in about a week or so, I recommend seeing a doctor.

1. A hot shower

Taking a hot, steamy shower will not only open up your sinus (your blocked nose) but it will also help relax your muscles from cramping up and the steam will make you feel more at ease throughout the day.

2. Ginger/Lemon Tea

Now, I love tea SO much and this always has worked for me! Drinking ginger or lemon tea (or both) is extremely beneficial. The more fluids that enter the body, the more short-term your cold will last for. Ginger will most likely help you relieve your sore throat (if it burns, its normal). Also lemon helps relieve your congestion! Instead of putting sugar into your tea, I would recommend putting organic honey as it is better for you. The more fluids you drink, the more mucus your body will be able to break down.

3. Water Water WATER!

I've talked about fluids in the point above but I can't stress this enough! It is so important that you provide your body for what it needs to make a speedy recovery. Water keeps your body hydrated which helps store things back to normal so It ensures a quick and simple way to recovery.

4. Eat healthily

Provide your body with fruits and vegetables, you cant feed yourself junk foods and expect to get well soon because sadly, that does not work. Eat fruits such as strawberries, apples, pears and so much more. Fruits and vegetables provide your body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to help cleanse out all the bacteria.

4. Get lots of rest/fresh air

Sleeping will help your body make more energy so you can make a speedy recovery but also make sure you get some fresh air. Being cramped up in your room all day will most likely make you feel stuffy or uncomfortable so maybe go for a walk or play with your pet outside. It always helps me to go outside and be one with nature. :)

5. Distract yourself

Maybe read a book or draw or colour in something. It will help you relax. Also, take a break from electronics. I dont mean to sound like your mother but spending too much time on devices while having a cold is extremely bad.

I hope that these have helped you guys. I know how much it can suck to have a disgusting cold when you have an important event coming up. Please if you feel conflicted about anything in this article, message me and i will try and get back to you as soon as possible.