I'm here, to tell the truth about finding yourself.

Or at least my truth which might not be your truth.

Finding yourself, what is it really when your life is based on other people.

Your Parents

Your Siblings

Your Friends

What good is finding yourself if what you do has the input of more than just yourself?

And it doesn't end cause when you leave the house you have





There will always be more than just you in your life and that will always contribute to the person you are.

I don't think you can find yourself because you are constantly being lost in other people.

And it isn't your fault its just how this world was put together, to always have someone.

Our lives fail to be complete without the input of another

That is why

Parents are supposed to build morals

Teachers are supposed to build careers

Friends are supposed to build trust

Now when all has been built all that's left for you to do is find this house and live in it.

But you might find yourself in houses with dishonesty and hatred meaning that's not the house for you but sadly you had to suffer what that house suffers.

You cant find yourself cause you've already been found.

Theme song: Fools by Troye Sivan

-Protect Love