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1 | aries

March 21st until April 19th

The Hufflepuff Aries has a lot of energy. They're usually more ambitious than the average Hufflepuff, making them clear leaders in their house.

2 | taurus

April 20th until May 20th

The Hufflepuff Taurus owns a gentle good nature and open friendliness. They're patient and hard-working, but they must be careful not to overwork themselves. They prefer peacefull and neat environments.

3 | gemini

May 21st until June 20th

The Hufflepuff Gemini is very good at multitasking, they always have more than just one project to work on. They're usually more extraverted and outspoken than the average Hufflepuff.

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4 | cancer

June 21st until July 22nd

The Hufflepuff Cancer has an endless love for food and everything related to home. They desperately need to be needed by the people around them. They're excellent listeners, and caring friends.

5 | leo

July 23rd until August 22nd

The Hufflepuff Leo has a fine sense of initiative and nobility. They like to set a good example for others, and are generous to anyone who needs it.

6 | virgo

August 23rd until September 22nd

The Hufflepuff Virgo is extremely hard-working and bright. They must be careful not to let other people take advantage of them.

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7 | libra

September 23rd until October 22nd

The Hufflepuff Libra is very charming and sweet. They like to help other people, and to help others get along. They get easily stressed out if there are any problems.

8 | scorpio

October 23rd until November 21st

The Hufflepuff Scorpio likes doing something meaningful that results in personal success. They own a certain willpower and energy that keeps them going.

9 | sagittarius

November 22nd until December 21st

The Hufflepuff Sagittarius is clever and cheerful. They love nature and being outside. They're intellects but they have a hard time with discipline.

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10 | capricorn

December 22nd until January 19th

The Hufflepuff Capricorn has a strong sense of duty. They take joy in being useful to other people. Thye're good at organizing things as well.

11 | aquarius

January 20th until February 18th

The Hufflepuff Aquarius is introverted and often confused. They like people and want to get along well with everbody, even though they keep it to a few close friends.

12 | pisces

February 19th until March 20th

The Hufflepuff Pisces lives to please. They feel when other people feel. They're very patient and kind.

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