Sometimes we're just bored: we do the same things, meet the same people and we feel the need to change something in our everyday life. Here's how to do it.


Like O.T. Genasis would say, cut it. Hair is one of our identifying marks and it can really change the way we look, so cut it. Or put extensions if you already have short hair.

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see? (she's stunning anyway)


It is scientifically proven that knowing many languages helps you thinking in different ways. It can be funny to change your points of view by knowing other cultures. Why not?

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Of course...

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Listen to another singer, change your way to school, eat something new... there are lots of things you haven't tried yet. Changing your habits is the most difficult part, but also the most worthy one.

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There are some issues we've always had the same opinion about. Talk with your friends about it, they may doubt it. Start asking yourself "Do I really think that...? What if...? Maybe it's not like that...". It's a good exercise that opens your mind and keeps your brain active.

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