Hi guys, I'm a little curious person (okay, maybe a lot) and I am always questioning everything around me. So I decided to use this in my favor and started learning/studying about some interesting things, for my own knowledge and I will share with you all today.

1. Other cultures.

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I love different cultures, because you learn a lot about the world that you live, some habits and costumes. It's really nice. The one I like to learn the most is the Gypsy and the Egyptian culture.

2. Anthropology.

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I had this subject in college and I totally loved it. Now I'm searching more about it, but for pleasure. Ever since I started studying anthropology, I have become more observant and questioning.

3. Art.

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One of the things that I like the most is to appreciate art and know the history of the painter and of the art style.

4. Astrology/Zodiac.

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That doesn't mean that I believe in signs, but I think this is really interesting, so I like to know more about it.

5. Philosophy.

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Okay, this one we learn at school, but we don't learn in the right way. There is A LOT of philosophies that we don't study and we don't go deep into questions about life and universe that they have. It's a good way to contemplate about life and what we believe.

6. Documentaries.

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We can learn a lot with documentaries. I'm watching a lot on Netflix. I really enjoy the knowledge that I'm obtain with this.

7. The history of Ballet.

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Ballet is my favorite dance. It's beautiful and a way to express your feelings without saying a word. The art and the history is gorgeous and worth to know more about.

8. Mythology.

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I'm just a lover of mythology. It's a world they've created and you do not have to believe it to appreciate.

9. Literature.

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I love to read classic books, so I decided to know more about them, about Romanticism literary and others.

10. Environment.

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Knowing more about the environment is really important. I'm trying to learn more about recycling and other ways to protect and save our planet.

11. Programming.

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Okay, I'm terrible with computer, but I'm trying to change it. Programming looks really interesting and gives to you a self-confident.

12. Sign Language.

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A lot of people only cares about Spanish, English, Korean language, etc. Well, sign language is more than that, It's a culture, a way to express and communicate with others and it's a differential.

I hope you enjoy it, and for this article I got inspired by this another one: