Hello, wonderful souls! First, I want to apologize for not posting article yesterday (you know my new posting schedule), it was a very long day for me; I broke up with someone and although it was a toxic relationship, every loss hurts.

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Just kidding, I’m not… Funny thing, the article I wanted to write was about letting go and how the f#ck could we deal with loss…

Oh, the irony…

Since this isn’t an article about my story with this man, I won’t be talking about it. The only useful information for you is that our relationship was a toxic one, it never felt real but at the same time felt so right and fated.

So, how to let go?

Grab a coffee or some vodka and let’s talk!

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Letting go is an essential part of our growth as a person. Whatever you feel you need to let go – you’re right.

Your gut is always right and your intuition never lies (although you gotta learn how to listen to it and not to use a term ‘intuition’ as a motivation for some stupid shit you come up with, lol). *If something feels wrong, even a little bit – it is.”

I know you’re maybe thinking something like “I don’t think it’s wrong, I’m just not sure about it”… That exact feeling and those exact thoughts, my dear, are the red flags that Universe is waving in front of your eyes. So, when you ignore all of the alarms and warnings, that’s when shit happens.

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Note: this is not just about romantic relationships, but all of the other ones – the relationship you have with your friends, family, career, hobby, etc.

Toxic relationships are addictive, because of the drama - drama is addictive.

You (or the other person, or the other side) create drama because it gives you a false sense of meaning. And that, ladies and gentleman, is the main reason why we struggle with letting go, even when we SO DAMN KNOW that something is not right for us – it gives our life a meaning.

Maybe it’s a habit, maybe you are drawn to it so bad because there is one tiny little thing that is good about it – so you ignore 99% of the bullshit, just so you don’t lose that 1% of sugar, spice and everything nice.

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You will search and search and search for a reason NOT to let go (we all do, honey, don’t get emotional, you’re not alone).


1. Accept the fact you are better of without it and that our memories lie to us
Whenever “nice memories” and thoughts about “happy times” come to you, don’t get fooled and trapped into process of overthinking that “wonderful relationship” you had.

*Our mind tends to trick us by telling us how everything “wasn’t that bad” and “there were a good things, too!”

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2. Surround yourself with positive people

So, your mind is like a chair with a bunch of spindly legs. Some legs are bigger than others. And if enough legs get knocked out, you have to replace them. - Mark Manson

Spend time with people who make you feel happy and safe, invest in healthy instead of unhealthy relationships.

AND don’t get lost in your negative talk about the relationship you just left - *to heal a wound you need to stop touching it.

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3. Get busy

BE ACTIVE! Occupy yourself with the things you can get lost in. I promise, you’re gonna heal much faster if you engage in the activities that make your soul dance. Do whatever you like – cooking, reading, riding a bicycle, painting, going to the gym…
Never, EVER underestimate the power of positive energy and good vibes! (after all, that’s what we all want in life, right?)

Dancing and working out can always make me feel better – physical activity releases endorphins, reduces stress and helps in coping with depression in anxiety.

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Fall in love with your life and give yourself time to get better! You have no reason to feel guilty for breaking something that was breaking you all along!

Have faith and trust in the Universe!

What advice would you give someone who is struggling with letting go?

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